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Reflection shadow

Creating a reflection shadow of an image using Photoshop is one of the things that catch the viewer’s attention at first glance. This is the simplest, but effective image editing technique that will help you create your most desired image. There are numerous effects you can create with Photoshop text. Playing around with many layer effects will undoubtedly make a difference. You can easily remove or add an external or internal glow, or simply experiment and stroke around the letters with level effects.

But it's really easy to take the text to the next level by adding a shadow or a reflection underneath it. Adding reflection to objects can transform your designs from looking ordinary to polished and visually attractive. To leave an impression of quality on your customer, you can use reflective shades on your product images. The simplest, most effective image editing technique that can benefit your ecommerce store.

A reflection shadow makes it seem like as though the product has been photographed on a reflective surface, like a glass mirror. It creates a subtle, yet astounding effect that does not distract the attention from the product itself, but makes it seem like the item is on display in a clean and well lit environment. As a, reflection and shadow provide an interesting effect to any image. The Reflection shadows of your product image will put on display and increase its value for your customers.

After removing background by clipping path service, we need to apply this Photoshop technique to enhance the beauty of the product with a creative shadow. Using Photoshop, it can be done effortlessly while maintain a quality. This is a simple and effective image editing technique, which will help you create a reflection of the image you want.

reflection shadow
reflection shadow

Reflection shadow is more of a graphic design illusion that has been used a lot recently for things like logos, texts and modern designs.

Reflection shadow creates the illusion that the product has a depth and firmness which comes from its relationship to another surface. It is done in Photoshop using tools like duplicate layer, layer mask etc. to achieve the desired result.

Adding Reflection to images is a great way to give the object a polished, professional look. But achieving this might not be very hassle-free. Using the Photo shop, creating a reflection seems pretty simple and to some part, it is a quite easy task to complete; until when the object you’re creating reflection for is flat. When done properly, a reflection shadow will put your product on display and increase value in the eyes of your client. Your product images should always reflect your product’s worth. Giving objects a Reflection in post becomes a bit more of a difficult task when the bottom of the still life (for instance, a Coca-Cola can) is curved.

Using Reflection shadow, you can:

  • Add a 3D look to your image or text.
  • Make your object shine in the image
  • To add character and content
  • Make your image or text look more creative and unique
  • Create eye-catching illusion on your image or text to attract the customers

So, drop shadow is done using a range of tools like layers, magic eraser, blur effect etc. in Photoshop. People with less experience in this zone, might find it very complex. Hence, the end result and the quality of the image might not end up looking as realistic as you would imagine. So, it is very important to find a professional who can do the job.

reflection shadow

Working with Reflection shadow requires a lot of time and patience. The designer needs to have enough patience to come up with creative ideas. A lot of creativity is essential to form the depth and firmness that is required. Therefore, seeking help from professionals is crucial. Reflection shadow Photoshop tutorials can helpful for beginner photographers.

If reflection shadow is applied properly, it can bring sensation to the digital images. That’s why we offer a range of creative and hardworking professional designers who work day and night putting the ideas in the photos which is essential for getting the desired image.

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