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Photoshop image masking service

What you will get from Clipping path Apt for image masking?

Image masking service is a technique applied to change any visual effect but the original product will not change a bit. Based on image masking, for image masking, hair masking, cut-out background, image masking with pen tablet get more preference than that of Photoshop.

It is very complex and is almost impossible when a more complex image like hair image that needs to be removed from the background, that too without applying the masking technique. Here hair masking images are always better than other technique In most cases, it is very easy to cut out or isolate an image from its background, but things get messy with the images with fuzzy edges, it makes the job even more puzzling.

That’s when Image Masking comes in handy. In essence, the usage of the Image Masking technique makes the edges look smooth and more prominent.

image masking service

Image masking is one of the most elementary image processing methods. It is a process of graphics software like Photoshop to hide some portions of an image and to reveal some portions. It is a non-destructive process of image editing.

So, in other words, Image Masking is used when the subject of your image has a lot of fine lines or small details and needs to be meld with the background flawlessly. It is the most proficient and creative version of the image manipulation services. For examples, in the ecommerce world, image masking is highly in demand for editing the fuzz on a sweater or fur on a stuffed toy; or hair on a model that needs to be mend with the background.

Even though the image masking technique rest-on on a few factors, but in some cases, more than one of these factors need to be used. For example, a lot of image masking techniques need to be used together if the image you’re working with is very complex with multiple background colors or shadows.

Image masking is highly required by the images that are way too complex. To some extent, it is possible to remove the background from a complex image using the clipping path, but the result wouldn’t be as appealing as it would’ve been if it were to done using the image masking technique.

When we follow the masking image, the simplest usage of image masking in an image is to hide and show portions of pictures. We can give transition effect if we use very soft brush or gradient for masking. Sometimes, we can control the transparencies of areas of a picture. For example-If we want we can make a very bright sky area dimmer (making the area semi-opaque) just by brushing the area with a gray color. There are other options to attain this, but this is the easy and handy technique.

image masking service

It is very common scenario to have the need of modifying an area of the image. For instance, you want to change the color of the top garment of a model. It is very easy to make a mask just by making that portion noticeable. Then you may apply any type of change you want; like Color adjustment/correction, brightness/contrast adjustment, exposure correction, etc. Image masking can also be used to remove the background from an image. Every so often there are images which does not have harsh or smooth edges. That’s when Image Masking is useful.

image masking service

Image Masking is used for:

  • Modifying an area of a picture
  • Making collage images
  • Fixing fuzzy edges, hair portions, far etc. in a photograph
  • Removing objects from photographs
  • Editing images with complex background
  • Changing the opacity of various portions of an image
  • Determining the visibility or transparency of an image
  • Showing an image inside a text

For digital image editing, masking is the hardest technique. It is done using a range of tools like background eraser, magic eraser, and color separation technique in Photoshop. Working with all these tools can be very frustrating. People with very less skill in this zone, might find it very difficult. We have some highly experienced graphical designers who’ll be able to give a flawless touch to your images, using our extensive variety of Image Masking services. It’s both economical and can add artistic manner to the image.

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